Friday, January 27, 2006
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To be honest, I did not go to the Lazy Lounge in White Plains specifically to listen to the band known as Lil' Bastad. But once I walked into the bar, I knew they would capture my attention for the rest of the night.

Set up toward the rear of the bar, the band served up a mix of cover songs and originals. In my opinion, they should play more originals if they ever really want to "make it." Playing covers, no matter how well, will only get a band so far.

That being said, the band really was quite good. They transitioned tightly and jammed with a great mix of funk, jazz, hip-hop and rock. And, perhaps most importantly, it looked like they really were having a good time. The lead guitarist, Mark Bowers, engaged the crowd not only with his creative playing style, but also with his quick wit. Solos - from each member of the band - showed off their skills. The bassist even broke out into some hip-hop, which got the crowd grinding!

The band is trying to break into the "jam band" scene, saying that the vibe is really hot. (Yeah, I agree.) They've gotten off to a stellar start: Mark recently joined Robert Randolph & The Family Band ( for a few tunes in Atlantic City!

The story behind the band's name is pretty funny: One night, the two guitarists - Mark Bowers and Luke Michura - met up at a bar to talk about getting a band together. One of the key issues was what to call it. After a few cocktails, the guys decided to call it a night. The issue of a name was left out on the table. On the ride home, Mark had to relieve himself. So Luke pulled over, Mark unzipped and let loose. Little did he know, however, that he was watering someone's front yard! The owner of the property, upon seeing Mark, shouted out: "Get off my lawn, you Lil' Bastad!" That sealed the deal. A name was born.

That was about five years ago. Today, the band is promoting it's brand-spankin'-new cd: "Sumpthin Ta Say." Check out their Website at for tour dates, merch and more.

So whatcha got to say about it?
"I got an e-mail saying they were playing, and I said, 'I know what I'm doing Friday night!' Every time they play here, it's guaranteed that I'll be here. ...They know how to hold a crowd, and get people dancing whether it's an original or a cover. ...They're a real player's group. These guys are tight." ~ Alan Verostick, 32, New Rochelle

The band:
Mark Bowers, guitar/vocals
Luke Michura, guitar/vocals
Ron Bostisk, bass/vocals
Dave Moore, drums
John Pahmer, keys
Scott Brown, keys
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